About Us

MOMS Club of Newport Beach®
P.O. Box 15481, Newport Beach . CA . 92659


We invite you to come visit our next MOMS Club Park Day, Field Trip, Excursion, All Club
Event or Meeting! We do so many different things…

Here is a list of places we have visited in the past:  of course parks…parks…parks, Santa
Ana Zoo, Disneyland, CA Adventure, Aquarium of the Pacific, South Coast Plaza, Fashion
Island, Rainforest Cafe, The Beach Pit, Froggs Bounce House, Swimming Pools, Beaches,
Libraries, Movie Theaters, Member’s Houses, Farmer’s Market, Discovery Science Center,
Pretend City, and many more places all over Orange County!

MOMS is an acronym for Moms Offering Moms Support. The International MOMS Club has
over 2000 chapters around the world and 100,000+ members! Please visit their website
at www.momsclub.org.

The Newport Beach Chapter was founded in 1998, and since then we are constantly
welcoming new moms, you probably won’t be the only new person there! We all have one
thing in common – MOMS Club introduced us to other moms…the ones that have become
our friends.

The Newport Beach chapter is for moms who can meet during the day and live in the
Newport Beach zip codes of 92660, 92661, 92662, 92663 and Corona Del Mar zip
code of 92625. Our group primarily consists of mothers, babies, toddlers, and young
children, but we welcome all. Our dues are $30.00 yearly and pay for our advertising,
supplies, postage, copying, national registration fees and other club expenses.

You are invited to attend two different social meetings before you decide to join. E-mail us for
more information at MOMSClubofNB@Yahoo.com. Please include your first &  last
name, city, zip code, phone number, and any other information you’d like to tell us
(names and ages of children, length of time in the area, etc.).

We can’t wait to hear from you!